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January 20, 2010
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Chapter 4 : looooots of news

Naruto was totally exhausted as days passed. NO!  not from sex but from training. Sasuke and Naruto didn't have any time to look at how to keep going with their relationship. Sasuke had figured out that Itachi was close to Konoha and was training hard to gain more power and kill him.
Naruto was bored doing easy training with sakura because as you can understand they were not involved in the whole brother thing. Sakura pouted as she walked near Naruto begging for the blonde to not ask her on a date.
Naruto walked near a big tree and took out a kunai trying to focus on his target across him. He threw and hit on the middle.
"that was surprising Naruto-kun" sakura said watching the blonde as she stood next to him.
"ah sakura-chan" Naruto said in a low voice.
"no Naruto I am not gonna go on a date with you." Sakura said as she was sure the blonde was gonna answer.
"mm" Naruto mumbled and took out his shurinkens. He threw a few and hit the middle of the target with all of them.
"Naruto you should be gloomy more often you hit the right spots when you don't seem to care."
"huh? Yeah yeah" Naruto said looking at sakura then Sasuke and Kakashi training far away from them.
"Naruto-kun is something wrong? Is it about Sasuke? Don't worry you will train hard too some day."
Sakura hit Naruto on his back.
"it is my fault. Now he can't even spare a moment for me. we can't even have se-" Naruto stopped as he understood who was in front of him and to who he was confessing all the truth to. Sakura caught what Naruto was gonna say and had heard some stuff too and with tears in her eyes she took out a kunai and tried to hit Naruto. Naruto snapped out and stepped backwards trying to avoid sakura's attacks.

To where Kakashi and Sasuke are:

"they seem to be into it." Kakashi scratched his head and turned to Sasuke who was gazing at the blonde fuzzy hair that were sweating as training
"concentrate Sasuke and show me your progress."
Sasuke shot his head up at the sensei's voice and let his sharingan out trying on his new techniques.

To where sakura and Naruto are:
Sakura stopped to take a breath and looked up at Naruto
"why? Why didn't you tell me? what did you do to him? Naruto you asshole" Naruto wanted to explain but if that pink haired fuzz didn't calm down his next state would be in a plate being eaten by a bunch of haruno people. He calmed down the girl in front of him and explained everything.
Sakura fell on her knees trying to not cry but tears were forced out of her eyes. her heart was pounding.
"I am….. ok!"
"huh?" Naruto wondered
"I don't have a problem. The only thing that stressed me was that you two are same gender and that he didn't like me and he…. He….. loved someone else and.. and he … I … I didn't even get the chance to tell him I didn't like him anymore. But I… still…Naruto" sakura cried out in pain and loneliness as a blonde boy hugged her.
"calm down sakura-chan. Wanna go for a drink? I mean we are only 14 but what about….ramen. Wanna go eat? My treat."
"Naruto? Why are you so kind?"
"cause you are my friend"
"thank you but I prefer to go home for today. I will rest a little. Good training Naruto. Sorry I tried to kill you."
"HaHaHa no problem." Naruto prayed to god that he was alive after sakura left. 'I am glad that sakura is ok. The only thing left is Sasuke…' the blonde thought and turned to see the raven boy who was exhausted from all the training.

Night fell at Konoha
At sasuke's house.

Naruto had peaked in sasuke's house and prepared it for a big surprise to the raven boy. He had a bunch of white flowers in his arms and spread all over the floor, bedroom and bed their petals. He prepared a hot bath for his lover and special food for him too. Tomatoes, ramen, rice balls and omelets.
When Sasuke got back, he tried to open the lights in the living room while tossing his shoes on the corner but unfortunately the room was staying dark. Sasuke tried to open the lights again and again. He finally gave up seeing as the bulbs might have been burnt out. He walked towards the hall and saw a platform made of candles leading to the bathroom. "dobe" Sasuke said angrily and forcefully ran towards the bathroom.
When he opened the door he saw a bath full with aroma and flowers. The bath tub was tempting and near the tub on the table was lying a letter. Sasuke grabbed it and read :

'Take a bath, rest and I will wait for you and maybe I will give you a relaxing massage…
Your dobe!!!'

Sasuke smirked and undressed. He got in the tub relaxing taking his time. Maybe he would make Naruto wait a little more. It would be fun if the blonde was waiting till he was bored. After half an hour, Sasuke started to worry. 'why isn't the dobe coming. Am I the only one worrying here?' the raven couldn't feel his body because of the water so he decided to get out. He grabbed his towel from the nearby table and wrapped it around his waist. He walked towards the bedroom forgetting about the bath. He opened the door. Naruto was waiting on the bed, dressed only with a white t-shirt and white pants. The bed had flowers on it and the whole place smelled like camellias and roses.
"dobe, what is all this?" Sasuke couldn't hold in and smiled as he was approaching the blonde.
"Sasuke-sama, your massage will take place here on the bed, come lie down." Sasuke grinned and got near the blonde. He grabbed naruto's arms and said "are you sure baby, don't you wanna do anything interesting."
"for now Sasuke I prefer to make you relax and rest." Naruto pulled Sasuke and lied him on the bed massaging his back with all his might. Sasuke let out a low moan and relaxed his muscles. Naruto massaged different places as Sasuke's legs, back, hands, shoulders, feet and… ass???
"Naruto!!" Sasuke said when he felt two hands on his butt cheeks.
"not my fault, your ass is really smexy Sasuke!!!" Sasuke's patience just fell off the bed. Sasuke couldn't hold back. He wanted the blonde right there right now. After so long, 2 months is a very long time without a certain kitsune between his hips. The raven boy turned around and pulled Naruto in for a deep kiss. Naruto couldn't hold either so he started kissing the raven as passionately as he could.
Sasuke smirked in between the kisses and he sat up, pulling off his towel and throwing it to the ground.
He undid naruto's pants and shirt and threw them on the ground. He rolled the blonde over still kissing him and caressed his hands trying to relax his cold body. Although it was cold Naruto was staring to get really hot. He ran one hand down Naruto's cheek with a gentle smile.
"is it hot, Naruto?"
"yes" Naruto said while moaning making Sasuke's patience which had climbed up the bed agin...fall down once more. Sasuke kissed his lips lightly before moving down, kissing his way down Naruto's neck and chest until he reached the blonde's stomach. He swirled his tongue around the area where the kyuubi was. Once he reached the waistband of the blonde's boxer's, he kissed right above them as he hooked his thumbs under the elastic on either side of the blonde's hips. He glanced up with his eyes, still sucking and licking above the blonde's boxers.
Naruto had his eyes shut and Sasuke was enjoying the sweet melody that came out of his mouth. Slowly, Sasuke pulled the boxers down, sitting up in order to get them past the blonde's knees, and finally getting them completely off the blonde's body, throwing them to join the pile of clothes on the floor. He moved back up the blonde's body, smiling down at Naruto before kissing him again.
Sasuke sat up, moving so he wasn't straddling Naruto anymore, and tapped one of his thighs. Naruto got the hint, spreading his legs. Sasuke repositioned himself between them, pushing one of Naruto's legs up so his knee was bent, giving him more access. He brought one finger to Naruto's entrance, circling it a few times. Sasuke circled his entrance two more times before slowly pushing the finger past the tight muscle. Naruto tensed immediately and winced, causing Sasuke to pause. 'Kyuubi healed the area huh?' Sasuke thought!!! Well then he was gonna do it like it was the first time.
Naruto knew that too so neither of the boys cared to mention. Naruto shifted as he felt the finger inside him. The raven pulled his finger out before pushing it back in, doing this a few times in sync with his other hand pumping Naruto's cock. Once the blond seemed all right with it, he slowly added a second finger, and then began scissoring the entrance slightly. he found that sweet spot too. ahh the good memories.

After few minutes both of the boys were ready for the main course of their night dinner. Sasuke positioned himself on naruto's body and pushed his dick slowly inside naruto's entrance. Sasuke groaned as he pressed forward, stopping once he was completely inside Naruto. He panted hard, trying to calm his beating heart. Sasuke kept pushing in Naruto slower every time. Enjoying the pleasure.
"Fuck!" Naruto shouted. "faster…please." The blonde was begging as Sasuke was starting to hit things up going even faster in every thrust.
The raven grunted, knowing he was close. Naruto had to be practically over the edge, seeing as how long he had waited to do that again.
Sasuke hoped he would hold out longer, because that would be embarrassing. But honestly, the sounds Naruto was making combined with his screaming was making it hard for Sasuke to keep up his rhythm, he was so turned on. Finally, Naruto came hard between them with a loud cry of Sasuke's name, the raven thrusting a few more times before he also came, screaming Naruto's name. Sasuke fell near Naruto huffing hard.
"Sakura knows..." Naruto said out of the blue. "I know" Sasuke exclaimed. "How?" Naruto yelled. "I have 'eyes' and I can see" Sasuke said with a melody on his words. Naruto kissed the raven one last time as they both fell asleep.  

Sakura was crying all night long. But she really stopped for once as she thought that this wasn't so bad of a thing. So what? Her teammates and best friends were together. What a big deal…
As she was thinking all these, she looked outside the window and saw a raven boy passing by heading towards the gate. "Sasuke?" sakura exclaimed as she rushed towards her door opening it and running to Sasuke. "Sasuke" sakura screamed. "shhh" Sasuke said stopping and facing sakura. "Where are you going?" sakura said. "Non of your business."
"tell me. Are you leaving Naruto? Are you abandoning him. Not now don't do it. You know he loves you."
"sakura…keep this a secret but tell Naruto this.." Sasuke said and as the night was fading and morning came two shadows became one and sakura was left alone. "I have to tell Naruto that?" she wondered under her breath. Sakura walked back in to Konoha and moved to go to her house. She stopped she looked back and then changed he root heading towards sasuke's house where Naruto was.
Naruto was waking up at the emptiness of the bed near him. He stood up and walked to the
bathroom, then to the kitchen and then towards the living room.
"where the hell is the teme?" Naruto wondered. That is when the door bell rung. He rushed to the door opening it, watching as sakura stood there eyes wide open at the sight. Yeah Naruto was wearing, his nakedness. "oh god… Naruto put some pants on." Sakura screamed as she saw the blonde running in the bedroom wearing his boxers and his pants.
"sakura?? Have you seen Sasuke" sakura flinched at the name of the raven.
"yesterday night, sakura said as she saw the blonde coming to her place to the living room where she had moved, Sasuke left Konoha in search of his brother. Don't be mad. Sasuke said he will be back in 5 or 6 days. I am sure that you will talk then. He said that you must not worry. He also said that you are the best boyfriend and that when he comes back it is his turn to surprise you. Even though I don't wanna know what that means"
Naruto's eyes filled with tears. "couldn't he tell me that on his own. Sasuke no baka" the kitsune said keeping his hands on his mouth, crying rivers. Sakura stood up and caressed naruto's back. She hugged him and they both fell on the floor. Sakura teared up and she lowly cried. 'once I accepted them he goes on and leaves. Idiot Sasuke. You might said months but I know that naruto wouldn't accept that he would fall apart so that is why I told him days. Hurry up Sasuke, Naruto will be lonely.' The morning sun fell over the boy's and girl's hair and a new day began with all Konoha rushing for their morning jobs.
-the end-
so this is number 4 as promised to a certain person. so my friend asked for a really special chapter and i said that it won't have sex, but i really put a lot of sex in there. please go on and read the ya all.
chapter 5:[link]
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